Dr. Sharon Johnson

How do you show up in life? Are you excited about the opportunity that God gives you everyday to live, love, learn and lead?

Everyday is a beautiful day. Everyday is a gift. Everyday we get to live and lead. Dr. Sharon has a passion to help people love their best lives. She coaches teams and individuals not only with passion, but with an attitude and a place of love for transformation, excellence, and abundance.

Whether coaching with women, teams, youth, church groups or 1:1 coaching, the #1 goal is to maximize people’s God given potential.

Dr. J. is a highly sought-after international leadership coach, speaker, and trainer, mostly because of her infectious attitude, inspiration, high energy, and dynamic motivating skills. She attributes her success with her audience to three factors, all equally important:

Motivational Experience

Dr. Sharon Johnson is from Jamaica, West Indies.  At age 2, she was motherless and at age 10 her mother died. Through poverty, pain, and the pressures of life, she faced her challenges by embracing education and a phenomenal attitude.  Dr. Johnson’s goal is to serve people to maximize their God-given potential and lead businesses through team success.

Academic Background

Dr. J. benefits tremendously from her leadership and academic success.  She applies the disciplines of both worlds to customize leadership, motivational, and speaking engagements. Her Doctoral Dissertation was on Leadership, Motivation, and Job Satisfaction in the Workplace: A Phenomenological Research Study.  Her Adjunct experience is in English and Business curriculums.  She is the author of several published books.

Leadership Credentials

With over 27 years leadership experience, Dr. J is the CEO of Comtivate Leadership Training & Development LLC. She facilitates leadership events, seminars, and workshops. Her mentor is the world’s #1 leadership guru, Dr. John C. Maxwell.  She is Gallup certified in Employee Engagement, a certified Master Trainer with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) and a DISC certified Consultant. She led as a Charter School Leadership Coach.  She is passionate in teaching biblical leadership training, a Rotarian, and member of One Community Church in Plano Texas where she volunteers with church ministry.

Coaching Client


Cedrick Lafleur, Lafleur Leadership Institute

“Dr. Johnson, I found your leadership and coaching consulting course to be outstanding! I have already started incorporating many elements from your coaching program into my everyday personal and professional life. Thank you for putting together a high quality, valuable and inspirational product to help others like me follow in your footsteps.” I will highly recommend this consulting package to others.

~Willie Johnson, President Willie Johnson Communications 

Where do I begin! Working with Dr. Sharon’s has been met with such great growth, accomplishments, and results.  I’m absolutely happy that I booked her as a coach. Since working with her, I have launched an online school and published a book. Her heart of gold and value that she adds to you gives you the energy and motivation to complete your goals.  Dr. Sharon coaching  services are golden. She challenges you while encouraging you. She is genuine and certainly gifted in the area of coaching. I’m so happy to work with her while seeing the results that I was not able to achieve alone.  This by far is the best investment I made in myself and business.. and with tangible results. Thank you Dr. Sharon. 

~Sylvia Dryer

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