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Meet Dr. Sharon Johnson

Dr. J. is a highly sought-after international leadership coach, speaker, and trainer, mostly because of her infectious attitude, inspiration, high energy, and dynamic motivating skills.  She attributes her success with her audience to three factors, all equally important:

1. Motivational Experience:  Dr. Sharon Johnson is from Jamaica, West Indies.  At age 2, she was motherless and at age 10 her mother died. Through poverty, pain, and the pressures of life, she faced her challenges by embracing education and a phenomenal attitude.  Dr. Johnson’s goal is to serve people to maximize their God-given potential.

2. Academic Background: Dr. J. benefits tremendously from her leadership and academic success.  She applies the disciplines of both world to customize leadership, motivational, and speaking engagements. Her Doctoral Dissertation was on Leadership, Motivation, and Job Satisfaction in the Workplace: A Phenomenological Research Study.  Her Adjunct experience is in English and Business curriculums.  She is the author of several published books (See Shops).

3. Leadership Credentials:  Along with being in leadership for over 22 years, Dr. J is the CEO of Comtivate.   She  facilitates leadership events, seminars, and workshops. Her mentor is world #1 leadership guru, Dr. John C. Maxwell.  She is a Gallup Certified Employee Engagement Ambassador.  She is a student leadership coach for a local community charter school.  She is the CEO and Founder of Comtivate Training LLC and give back leadership training to the community.

Dr. Sharon Johnson in Action

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