A Rainbow For You

Have you seen a rainbow lately? On my way home couple days ago I saw this wonderful rainbow. I noticed that my very thought processes changed. The first thing that came to mind was the rain and the people in Houston. Even though it was raining here, it was nothing like there. Let's keep praying for Houston.

Makes me wonder how life is. At one point we have so much, and at another point we have nothing. I wonder what the rainbow means to you. For me, the rainbow is saying that it is almost over. It's the promise that whatever we are going through is almost over. The secret is believing. Do you believe? Just believe and watch your life change.

I believe that there is a rainbow just for me, and a rainbow just for you. As you go about, believe in the rainbow and change your thought process. Change takes time and requires help sometimes.

Consider coaching in this process or someone to help you on the way. This is where I come in as your expert coach