It’s a small world after all. Remember the tune to that song? Maybe you have been to Disney World and been in the ride that reminds you of the small diverse world we live in.

I am heading to Tampa to do employee engagement coaching. On the way to the airport, my Uber driver and I had a great conversation. He thought I was going to Jamaica. He mentioned that he will be going there a couple days for a funeral. As we chatted, I learned how small this world is. We came from the same city. He knows my entire family. He will be staying a couple doors from my grandmother’s house. I was reliving the moments as a kid all over again. It was such a fresh vision hearing how my grandmother lived a great life within the community.

Wow! What if either of us had a bad attitude? Let’s think further. What if our families did not live well with others? Today, you and I have the opportunity to build greater lives with those around us. We have to be intentional. The world is so small that we never know who we will bump into.

Whose life are you changing? Developing the best you, can be a challenge. My role as a Life Coach is to help others become more engaging at work, with families, and make dreams a reality. Coaching works. Teamwork makes a difference. It takes a village.

Developing the best you allows you to live on purpose.

Live on Purpose today in this small world.

Stay beautiful. Stay Fabulous. Stay Motivated. Dr. J

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