As a young person, I suffered tremendously as I had no leadership training.  Today, I spend my time developing Student Leaders of Tomorrow.

YouthMax is an integral part of the John C. Maxwell Certification Program, providing top leadership curriculum, designed to give today’s young people practical tools and ideas to help them navigate life.

PURPOSE:  To benefit the world by inspiring and equipping young people to lead themselves and others with character, mutual respect and integrity.

MISSION:  Identify and resource future John Maxwell Team Members who wish to positively influence the lives of young people worldwide and assist them in building strong, successful organizations or businesses working with youth.

VISION:  To inspire a global change in how our youth are being developed today, to equip them to become top leaders for tomorrow, and provide ongoing support of John C. Maxwell, the #1 leadership expert in the world.

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As a John Maxwell Team member, I have the authority to teach Youth Max to change our community.  Listen to John Maxwell talk more about Youth Max.